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More than just PE clothes...

Chávez Middle School takes academic vocabulary very seriously.  So serious that our students work out in these words! 

Vocab-T is a way for schools to expose its students to key academic vocabulary that they are hearing and learning in the classroom. The words placed on the students backs are interdisciplinary and have simplified definitions that make it easy for the students to retain the meaning of the word, and do so quickly.

Vocab-T is a way for administrators and teachers to know which words their students struggle with and which words they have mastered. Through our annual analysis and online accessibility, the school staff can look at clear results and focus their teaching on what is needed most.

Placing words on shirts is not what the Vocab-T program is about. There is a greater purpose being achieved. We want to educate students, help teachers focus their daily instruction, introduce students to college, and surround students with key words that will not only help them score higher on tests, but will also help them express their thoughts and achieve more in life.

Since we started the Vocab-T initiative, everything we have done has been based on peer reviewed academic research. From the words we use to the font that we use to print them, every detail has been carefully considered.

Simply put, Vocab-T is interactive PE clothing that will help your students learn and expand their vocabulary every day while they participate in P.E. Class.

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