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Role, History, Composition

School Site Council



School Site Councils are required as a condition of receiving and spending supplemental funds like School Improvement Program funds.

School Site Councils were developed to give those people who are most affected by the operation of their school a major role in the decisions about how their schools function. 

This involvement occurs through membership in School Site Council.

School Site Councils create a partnership between parents, teachers, students and administration to strengthen the education system and share decision-making authority for ongoing school improvement.


School Site Council represents the community and is responsible for ensuring that the actions of the school and the expenditures made are focused on providing a high-quality educational program. 


Members of School Site Council are able to offer insights on how effective the school is in creating a positive learning environment.  They also know how well their children understand their assignments as well as how other factors outside of the school are impacting their in-school success.




üThree classroom teachers

üThree parents or community members

üOne other school representative

üTwo or three students