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Parent Involvement Policy

Part I

Cesar Chavez Middle School is truly dedicated to the academic success of all students.

Chavez Middle School jointly develops with parents a Written School Parent Involvement Policy that is agreed upon by parents and is distributed to all parents of participating students at Chavez Middle School.


This policy is:

  • Produced in a parent-friendly format and is distributed to parents to the extent practicable, and in a language the parents can understand.  
  • On file and available for public use in the school office.
  • Updated each year with input from parents.
  • Includes the Home-School Compact.
  • Provides equal access and the ability for parents to participate in their child’s learning process.  (Interpreters and student shadowing are provided for parent meetings.)


Part II


In order to engage all of Cesar Chavez Middle School parents in their children’s education, we:

  • Convene an annual information meeting to inform parents of participating students of the requirements of Title I and their rights to be involved (interpreters provided).
  • Offer an alternative opportunity to talk on the phone or at the school about the requirements of Title I.
  • Involve parents of participating students in planning, reviewing, and improving our Title I Programs and Parental Involvement Policy (School Site Council, ELAC, PTO, annual Title I meeting).
  • Invite each Title I parent (by use of Parent Newsletter, individual parent letter through U. S. Mail or Tele Parent) to an informational meeting to be held annually.


 The annual Title I meeting:

  • Outlines the components and implementation of the Title I program at Chavez Middle School.
  • Provides resources that parents may use at home to help their student succeed academically.
  • Provides a description and an explanation of the standards-based curriculum.
  • Provides information on academic assessment and proficiency levels.
  • Informs parents of opportunities for regular meetings and to participate in decisions related to the education of their children.
  • Informs parents of participating students that they can provide feedback if the schoolwide plan is not satisfactory to them.


Part III


The principal and all Chavez Middle School staff work together to develop and implement a Home-School Compact that outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and students share the responsibility for improved academic achievement.


Chavez parents are provided information on how to:

·         Create an effective learning environment

·         Encourage good study habits

·         Monitor their child’s attendance

·         Monitor homework completion

·         Volunteer in their child’s classroom

·         Participate on school committees

·         Have effective Parent-Teacher Conferences


Chavez parents also have information on how to enroll and take advantage of the following:

·         Literacy training (CBET classes, ELD classes, Sed de Saber)

·         PTO meetings

·         Parent-Teacher Conferences by phone or in person at least once a year and as often as requested

·         Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)

·         School Math Nights

·         School Literacy Nights

·         School and district parent advisory meetings

·         Back To School Night

·         Open House

·         School Newsletters


Part IV


This policy was adopted by Cesar Chavez Middle School Site Council on October 12, 2010, and will be in effect for the 2010-2011 school year. Chavez Middle School distributes this policy to all parents of participating students in Title I Part A by November, 2010, and this policy is made available to our school community in our school office.

Part V

Parent Resources:

School Loop for Parents and Students:

School Loop for Parents and Students

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